Thursday, May 7, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

Although it feels like it's been years, it was only two days ago that I was sitting there thinking about the lack of postworthy occurrence's in my life. I was thinking about the boring nothingness that has taken over my life, and about how I need some A-C-T-I-O-N!
Famous last thoughts.
It was less than ten minutes later that Chava Yitty went into her deathbed convulsions. That really was NOT what I meant by action, but I did get a blog post out of it.
So today I am sitting here thinking that following the aftermath of my phone saga on Tuesday, I am STILL left with nothing to write. I was debating writing a eulogy about chava yitty, who served me faithfully for almost a year, but I decided it was taking things a little too far.
It's pretty insane that I couldn't even squeeze a second post out of an event as monumental as losing a dear friend and 500 contacts all at the same time. But there I was, stuck.
I was in the car, contemplating my dilemma, when I saw a cop on the side of the road. As quickly as my foot went to the break, my eyes went to the speedometer. I sighed. There was no way he wasn't stopping me. A glance in my rear view mirror was all it took.
Twenty aggravating minutes later, I was the reluctant owner of my third ever speeding ticket. I hear stories about people charming the cop out of a ticket, but those things just don't happen to me. I did have an excuse for speeding, but somehow telling the cop that I was speeding cuz the phone call I was on had distracted me didn't seem like a very good idea.
I did get a couple of post ideas out of the whole thing, which you may or may not see, depending on how bad my mood is and how long I have to spend in traffic court. But that wasn't quite what I meant.
I'm done with action. I am SO ready to go back to my regular boring life where nothing ever happens. If you don't see me for a while you'll understand...


Bas~Melech said...

I'd say I told you so (about the cop, the speeding, and the talking) but... wait, I just did. :-P

I have the opposite problem -- When postworthy stuff happens, I'm invariably too busy to post it. Which might explain the lack of action on my blog (which, incidentally, is expecting a new post as soon as I get to the scanner.)

Something Different said...

B~M- you did not tell me so about all that. You only yell at me about the texting while driving, which, incidentally hasn't happened since chava yitty died. This new phone (we must come up with a name. Maybe Breindel?) is impossible to text with, even when I'm not driving, but I really can't do it while I am.
Gosh I miss chava yitty.
Oh and that's cuz you don't have blogwroter lite. What do you think I was doing while I was waiting for the cop to finish up with my ticket? LOL

Floating Reflections said...

Ah well, if you had to have some sort of action better that than other stuff. B''h you are ok, that is the most important :)

David_on_the_Lake said...

oh that sucks..

Interestingly enough..I've been pulled over 3 times..and all 3 times..managed to talk (charm?) my way out of a ticket..
I mustve got the only 3 gay cops on the force..
go figure..

Something Different said...

FR- yep! BH! Oh and BH he didn't see I was also on the phone...

DOTL- only three times? My gosh I've been pulled over 6 times that I can think of. (I'm pretty sure there were more though...) Three times I got speeding tickets, once I got a seatbelt ticket (er, speaking of unlucky I WAS wearing a seatbelt then) and three twice I got off. Once it was cuz my light was out and I put on this really sweet yet really ditzy act for the cop and he laughed and let me go. 'Twas great. :-D

Child אִישׁ Behavior said...

I was going to offer some sort of sympathy, but what would be the point. It's just too bad, is all. You can always fight it and hope the cop doesn't show up to court, or something like that. Either way, good luck.

Something Different said...

CIB- The court date is the night of a good friend's wedding. Don't even get me started on that. :-(