Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Didn't Go To Dinner... (oh, and I need your help)

When meeting fellow bloggers, a few minutes can mean two hours. Take last night for example. G6 is awesome to shmooze with, and she beat me to post about it:

On an unrelated note, I'm looking to buy an HP tm2t laptop. If anyone knows of a good coupon code, or any other place where I can get a good deal on it, or if you'd like to sponsor it, please let me know in the comments or email me, just a blob at gmail dot com.


grinfish said...

you need a paypal donation button. :)

harry-er than them all said... sometimes has good coupon codes.

Although I am a PC user myself (HP) after almost 3 years its dying a slow and painful death. When its time to go to grad school for me, I'm getting a Mac- they for some reason are more stable and I don't know anyone who has them who complains.

The issue for my HP was the cooling vents were badly designed and causes my computer to overheat often. Its something to look into

(cool captcha th'worth')

tembow said...

I heart Macs!!

p.s. sounds like u had a gr8 first date :)

halfshared said...

Nu, like grinfish said, put up a paypal donation button!

Btw, I recently discovered a great, coupon website: and I've saved myself a lot of money since then.

G6 said...

Can't wait for our next "date" {grin}.

Dinner will have to be our third ;)

G6 said...

I use all the time as well.

I never buy anything without checking it out first.

You also can simply Google: coupon code ___ (___, being the name of the merchant you are shopping with)

Bz said... regularly has hp coupons. Sometimes like 30% off.

also keep an eye on

glucK :-)

Mushkie said...

(haha i love how if someone asks for advice everyone pops out of the woodwork. 'pick my suggestion!' 'no, pick mine!') :)

badforshidduchim said...

Mac people don't complain because they're all brainwashed automatons. It's cool to complain about a PC; it's not cool to complain about a Mac. You'd probably get lynched.

HP rated lowest on PC World's roundup the past two years. Toshiba was the highest PC maker.