Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not a Blogger's Shabbos Indeed

"This won't be a blogger's shabbos," she warns me hastily. "Some of the girls coming don't even know that I HAVE a blog!"

I looked at Bad4 in shock. I had been pretty sure I was going to spend shabbos in company of fellow "Internet-weirdo-types." "I can't believe it! I wouldn't have come if I had known!"

Naturally, as a non-bloggers event, our shabbos doesn't warrant a recap post, which is a shame, because I would have loved to tell all of you about how bad4 and her college friends sent me into the best shabbos afternoon nap of my life when they started to discuss the finer details of their profession.

Instead, I'd like to tell you what happens when you put four bloggers and a blog-reader into a house with two non-bloggers and expect blog-discussion not to make it into the conversation.

It doesn't work.

I don't think we lasted an hour before the first hints of blog-yness crept into things. About half hour into the seuda, the cat, which had been threatening all along, got out of the bag. C, who I'm calling C simply because her name doesn't start with a C, was utterly confused. "Wait, so you don't really know Bad4 'through a friend?'" She turned to Bad4's neighbor and long time friend, "So do you not actually know Bad4 offline?"

Similar moments of confusion ensued when C asked our friendly blog reader, "So what is her blog?"
"It's Bad For Shidduchim."
"I'm sure it is. But what's it called?"

All in all, shabbos was nice, the food was great, company was even better, and best of all, conversation only flew miles over my head about 30% of the time, which is more than the non-blogger folks can say.


badforshidduchim said...

It was *supposed* to be more balanced, but it's an odd fact that offline people are much harder to get together with than online people. I don't understand why. Perhaps I'll study it as a Ph.D thesis.

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

"So what is her blog?"
"It's Bad For Shidduchim."
"I'm sure it is. But what's it called?"

- Awesome!

someone said...

i can't believe i didn't see this before...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that sounds so lame...whatever)