Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keep On Smiling

It’s a good thing the hall wasn’t a couple of degrees colder, or my face would have frozen permanently into a huge, fake, cheesy smile.

It’s not my fault, I had to smile. I was at a wedding, and people were watching.

I refer not to the video being shot of all the guests politely picking at their wedding hall standard fare, where people attempt to conceal bulging cheeks as they mumble a quick mazel tov to the Choson and Kallah. Nor do I refer to the omnipresent photographer who’s photos, even the stellar shots, manage to incorporate obviously unsuspecting people with faces that shouldn’t have been recorded for posterity.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate the photographer. I hate the videographer. I don’t think I want either of those folks at my wedding. But neither of them are responsible for the Colgate smile I have pasted onto my face. No, it’s the Nosey Shadchan, hiding under the mask of the Chizuk Lady at fault here. As usual.

See, when you are at a wedding, and you are single, the NS’s and the CL’s of the world are pretty sure you are depressed. It can’t be anything other than tortuously difficult to attend a wedding with your ring finger still unadorned. Obviously, right? Here you are, watching as another friend floats away on the cloud of dreamy bliss called marriage, and you are still stuck in the daily grind of the rut called singlehood.

You poor thing.

Wipe that smile off your face for half a minute, and suddenly every NS/CL in the room will descend upon you. “Mamaleh, don’t worry, your day will come soon. I am telling you, it feels like it will never happen, but it will! Just keep smiling!”

And everyone knows, being depressed is bad for shidduchim.


Data said...

My cheeks hurt after a wedding. Then there's the perpetual worry that I have some chicken stuck in my teeth.

Anonymous said...

Even if you've been married for thirty years, some nosy woman will come up to you if your smile is not broad to ask "is everything ok?- is your son married yet?" or something equally idiotic of that ilk. Just have to keep smiling one way or another...

tesyaa said...

All I can say is, any young lady who is not unhappy about being single will certainly be driven to misery by this type of people.

itsagift said...

That's so sad that you feel like you have to smile because otherwise people will think you are depressed. If only we can go to weddings and smile simply because we are happy for the new couple!!