Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Old Me

I know that it is Tuesday, and that I have neglected Top Ten Tuesday the past couple of weeks. In fact, for a change, I had a top ten list all typed up and ready to go. Then I looked at the calendar and saw that it's shiva asar betamuz. I decided a cynical top ten list wasn't so in spirit of the day. I decided to post this instead. I wrote it ages ago, not specifically for today, but I think the idea is nice in spirit of bein adam lechaeiro and rebuilding the beis hamikdash... Top Ten Tuesday will be back next week, iy"H.

It's one gigantic building,
And I'm just one little brick,
But for this structure to be steady,
It needs each stone and stick.

I'm just one tiny blade of grass,
In one meadow lush and green,
But those tiny blades grow together,
Into the nicest field you've seen.

I am just one tiny drop,
In one giant waterfall,
But those drops flow in unison,
And converge to make it tall.

It's one majestic necklace,
And I'm one unimpressive pearl,
But all of us strung together,
Beautify one special girl.

I'm just one tiny light bulb,
And the hall is bright as day,
But it's thousands of lights shining,
That make it glow that way.

I am just one short little word,
In one long book read by many,
But if any word is missing,
That book's not worth a penny.

Behold one gorgeous tapestry,
And I'm just one tiny thread,
But with one small color missing,
The whole scene would look dead.

I'm just one tiny flower,
In one big beautiful bouquet.
But all the colors and designs,
Together-brighten someones day.

It is one gigantic world,
And I'm just little old me,
But in this great, majestic world,
It's not 'bout I- but we!


MusingMaidel said...

Beautiful - and very appropriate.

Thank you!

Brochi said...

love it! especially the last line.

Devorah said...

This is a beautiful, beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!

It is so important to remember that although you are just one tiny person in this huge world, you are unique and significant!

FrumJewInYU said...

This is really nice! Thanks!

Of course, though, don't forget: bishvili nivra ha'olam.

itsagift said...

I love this poem! Thanks for posting it!

Such a good reminder...