Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top Ten Things That Get On My Nerves

(This is by no means a comprehensive list. In fact, I think it should be called Top Ten Tgings That Got On My Nerves Within The Last Ten Minutes. I could make a whole series out of things that get on my nerves...)

10) Parents who ignore screaming kids as if it's not their issue.

9) Drivers who slow down to ten miles below the speed limit when there's a cop around.

8) Asymetry.

7) People who fool around with the bass and treble levels on a shared vehicle.

6) Folks who use lousy grammar when talking.

5) People who drive below the speed limit in the left lane.

4) Food placed in the refrigerator without a proper cover.

3) Traffic. Especially from rubbernecking.

2) Two faced people.

1) Well meaning shadchanim.

If anyone is a shrink, don't try to make sense of that list. There is none.

Now tell me. What gets on your nerves?


Feivel ben Mishael said...

I am also bothered by asymmetry.
My biggest pet peeve is when people lack basic manners and when my mother calls me on the phone and talks for a half hour straight in a mostly repetitive fashion and I'm not allowed to say anything other than "mhm" or "ok."

Brochi said...

too many things but a partial list...
*ppl that have no table manners, more specifically chew loudly or sip coffee or soup
*dumb books
*being made to wait
*swimmers that do their laps in the wrong lane
*my downstairs neighbour, who acts as if I'm way too young to own my home so he acts as if it's his!
*dirty ketchup covers
* yea and traffic

Mystery Woman said...

Drivers who stop in the middle of the street to pick up or let off passengers...complete with bags, strollers that need to be folded or unfolded, suitcases.... Especially when there's plenty of room to pull over.

Yossi said...

asymetry is spelled with two m's
(that's not what gets on my nerves, though)

itsagift said...

I just *love* opening the freezer to find an empty container of cookies or a pan with crumbs but no cake left!

(It's only because someone was sneaking food out of the freezer that they didn't realize they finished the whole thing! And then when I come to take a snack, there's none left for me. :-p)

Staying Afloat said...

When people don't throw away their paper plates or popsicle wrappers and leave them in the living room or on an otherwise clean dining room table.

Oh, and when the woman in front of me on what was the quick line needs a price check.

Asymmetry can be really cool, actually.

nmf #7 said...

Why are so many of your peeves about driving? Is that an NY thing?

Pet peeve of mine: When people use something in my house and don't put it back where they found it.

Something Different said...

FBM- yeah, cept that's kibud eim more than anything else, isn't it?

Brochi- ooooh, dirty ketchup covers is a good one! Feel free to do your own list and post a link here.

MW- HATE that! Uh oh, I feel a post coming on...

Yossi- lol! That's what happens when you type posts really quickly on an iPod. ;-)

IAG- right, nut containers in the pantry too. As if the calories don't count if you are in denial about eating em.

SA- are you my mother?

NMF- I guess it reflects my driving style. Not too graceful, but saves time. Lol.

itsagift said...

SD - I love that line! As if the calories don't count if you are in denial about eating em. Where'd you get it from? Awesome!

Soul Comfort said...

1) dirty diapers left in oublice

2) grown women (& men!) engaged in high school like politics.

3) people who don't stop at stop signs. heck, people who don't obey any traffic laws.

4) parents who don't watch their children while the kids are playing outside. (i almost wish an accident would happen so that they'd realize what a precious treasure they have)

5) someone asking me the same question numerous times

i've got many more, but that's for another time.

Jughead's Hat said...

Out-of-Towners who live in New York and complain about it.

Shades of Grey said...

really arrogant people (or arrogance in general) - I know a guy or two like this at YU and can't stand them! They think they're all high and mighty for their hashkafos etc, and constantly blather lashon hara around guys from other hashkafos on campus.

Fakers - people who really could care less about you, but very blatantly pretend to be friendly without realizing how fake they are. These guys are the ones that sleep/play computer games through an entire semester of class and ask me for my 70+ pages of notes because they were too lazy to take their own. My answer to these people is always sorry, but no. Anyone who can give me proof they even made an honest attempt at taking notes even scribbles on a pieces of paper, deserve to get notes, but not these guys.

People who ask how you're doing as a mere formality, but don't respond when you ask them: This is a subset of Fakers - they think that asking "hey, how are you doing?" is equal to saying hello, and thus utterly ignore you when you respond to their greeting "Thank G-d, I'm doing well. How are you?" and just keep walking down the sidewalk.

grinfish said...

dumb comments on blogs.. >:D

grinfish said...

i mean the 'jewishnewsreports.coms'

Feivel ben Mishael said...

@ SD

Which I why I stay on the line and insert the "mhms" and "oks" at the proper intervals. Still gets on my nerves tho.

Bored Jewish Guy said...

Sitting in the airport is a good time for me to comment on annoying things :)

1. People who don't get ready before going through the airport security line.
2. long lines
3. odd numbers, unless they end in "5"
6. impatient people
7. places with no wifi or AT&T service
8. self-important/condescending people
9. people who give unsolicited bad advice
10. liars

Benjy said...

Nice list. I'd move your #10 up to 3 or 4, if it were me. A couple more:

Drivers who don't turn right at a red light.

The frequent typos which seem to plague Jewish publications.

When you're trying to split a bill, that one person who divides everything up to the very last penny.

People who use the term "Out-of-Towners."

Mushkie said...

NUMBER ONE YES GRRR!!! usually if i know the kids i'll try work out what's wrong and the parents give me this weird look like 'who asked you?'

#4 is the only one i think that doesn't annoy me :)

davkaniks...my name being spelled wrong...people asking a question about something i just clearly explained...being told i have no patience :D

Always Tired said...

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