Friday, June 25, 2010

Urgent Help Request

The first request will explain my lack of posts this past week. I have a whole bunch of unpublished blog posts in various states of completion stored on an app on my iPod. (By various I mean upwards of 60.) About 90 percent of my posts come from this app, and without it, I am stuck. Here's the problem. I changed the password on my google account associated with this blog. Blogwriter lite, the app that has all of these posts, doesn't have an option to change the account settings. Currently, my posts are hostages of this app. Any advice? Ideas?

The second bit of help I need is not quite as urgent, but something I would love to find. Y'know the kind of awesome plastic cups with lids that you get when you order an ice coffee in starbucks or some other similar store? I want to buy cups like that. Anyone know where I can find them? I need cups that are a minimum of 16 oz, have tight fitting lids with a straw hole, and most important, are disposable. Anyone who finds this for me (at a decent price...) will be my best friend forever. Well, no, not really, but they'll be the reader of the month!

THanks in advance for your help!


mekubal said...

As far as the cups go, you could try Sam's Club. They will usually have them.

Depending on what you are using them for you may even be able to get starbucks or another such shop to unload some on you.

Beyond that, try your local restaurant supply... depending on what city you are in will determine where to find such a thing. In Philly or NY I may be able to help you out, but even so this is the age of the internet, so you should be able to google/yahoo it and find a restaurant supply store that will have them on hand.

Generally speaking, cost depends on quantity. If you are looking for a hundred, be prepared to spend more than if you are looking for a thousand.

G6 said...

Why not go into a Starbucks or a 7-11 and ask if they'll sell a few to you.

They might even just give 'em to you....

tesyaa said...

I bought some at ShopRite and then I saw someone buying a mega-pack at Costco.

itsagift said...

Every site should have a way to retrieve your password in case you forgot it!

I went onto the Blogger dashboard and clicked on the question mark near the password box. They ask to enter your blog's url and then they send a password reminder to your gmail email address.

Was this of any help?

Hmmm...since I don't drink coffee I don't know if I can help you with the second one. Good luck with that!

harry-er than them all said...

wal-mart or target has them (or substitute for any decent sized grocery store. The ones made by Solo are only 12 ounces, but there is another brand that holds 16oz. I buy them usually for my own coffee or tea, so i know they exist

Something Different said...

Uh, was I unclear? I need plastic, meant for ICE coffee or other COLD drinks. I have the hot cups with lids, thats not what I am looking for.

Links anyone?

(ANd yes, costco has great cups but not lids to go on them!

And I need a bunch, not enough to beg from starbucks. Besides, 711 charges for empty cups, I suspect starbucks wouldn't be overly generous either.

tembow said...

we buy those cups at costco

Something Different said...

WHich cups?

tembow said...

didnt read the comments before. just saw now tha tyou need COLD cups and not hot cups. woops :)

sorry cant help you there
you've been so MIA lately and dont answer texts!

tesyaa said...

Costco has the ones with the LIDS - at least my Costco in NJ does.

Also, hot cups and cold cups do the same thing. They both insulate to keep the liquid close to the original temperature.

My daughter uses these cups when she heats soup in the microwave and then runs out to the school bus.

itsagift said...

How about this site where they have plastic cups with lids of all sizes?

Here's another place you can try but they seemed to be a little costly (at least to me).

I'm sure there's more out there-did you try an online search?

Is that of any help?

Anonymous said...

Costco sells the hot cup lids separately, the cold cup lids may be the same thing. I would ask there.
sorry not up on iphone apps...

Soul Comfort said...

about the first problem - why don't you switch your password back to the old one and then transfer your posts?

second one - i have absolutely no idea. sorry.

English Major said...

I want to assure you, in advance, that I rock.

The thing it would seem (if you were on Amazon, the almighty potentate of website shopping) that the cold cups and the lid come separately. Whilst casually browsing, a company called Vegware has cups and separate either dome lids or flat. If you search more, there would probably be other companies.

However, I would ask you to reconsider the disposable path you seek to follow, as it is rather eco-unfriendly of you. Tsk tsk. See the light! Or rather, the solar panels! Redeem thyself!

English Major said...

Let me retract the rock comment.

Vegware seems to be out of stock. But International Paper is in stock (if pricey) as is Jaya (also pricey).

I take the rocking back.

MY Design said...

Hi just ordered in bulk of those cups for a client with their logo design on it.. they do wholesale and bulk but maybe they'll sell u a few.

See this link and scroll down.

josh0 said...

Oh, good. Comment moderation. There's no need to post this; I just want to share information anonymously.

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