Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My OTHER blog, and a bit about diabetes

My Internet was down since last week, by the way, in case anyone was wondering why it took me so long to post again.

I am assuming that most of my (non existent) readers are not very interested in diabetes. But I have it. I deal with it daily, it's a part of me, a part of my daily routine. So when I have something to say that is heavy into the diabetes aspect of my life, it gets posted on: When I have random dumb things to say they will go here.
Did anyone notice the common thread between my two blog names? One is called "floating down the karpoozi river" the other is "a blob of something different". They both come from the book the Twinkie Squad, by Gordon Korman. (Yes, I do need to grow up. Why do you mention it?)

The functions of my two (or should I say two of my-lol) blogs are actually opposites. If you read my other blog (not that I am recommending it) you might get a rather negative picture of diabetes. When I have something to rant about regarding diabetes, it goes up there. Like today my blood sugar was reall-oops, wrong blog! ;) On here I will explain to the world why diabetes is not so bad and everyone should be lining up to go out with me. 

(Btw, a note about my other blog: the intended audience is people with diabetes, not frum yidden. If you actually decide to read it you may wonder why it is written like that....)

I do want to explain a little bit about diabetes on here, just to clarify things.  Here is what diabetes is all about: (in point form...for those who've had a long day)

-There is an organ in the body called the pancreas.
-In the pancreas there are cells called the "Islets of Langerhans"
-The Islets of Langerhans produce a hormone called Insulin
-A person ingests food.
-The food gets broken down into the simplest form of that food.
-ALL carbohydrates get broken down into glucose.
-Glucose gets absorbed into the bloodstream.
-A hormone-Insulin-helps transport the insulin from the blood stream into the cells.
-Once in the cells, glucose is used to produce energy.
The body produces exactly the right of insulin needed by your body to maintain the correct blood sugar levels.

From here this is about type one diabetes only!
-In some people, for some UNKNOWN, UNPREVENTABLE reason, the body kills off the insulin producing cells.
-This results in a reduction of the insulin being produced.
-Less insulin means more sugar in the blood (a condition known as hyperglycemia-or high blood sugar.)
-High blood sugar means the body is not making proper use of the carbohydrates which are consumed.
-Eventually, the blood sugar creeps up and the person is diagnosed with type one diabetes. 
-The person is put on insulin injections to manage his condition.
(Here is the POINT of all this explaining I just did.)
-The process we do to maintain normal blood sugar levels is something YOUR body does naturally.
-If our diabetes is well controlled, our blood sugar remains the SAME as someone without diabetes.
-That means we are JUST as healthy as anyone else.
-It is not a matter of taking care of an illness we have, rather, controlling diabetes is a matter of doing manually the things which your body does automatically.

Now do you see why it irks me when people call me sick? I actually think that I am healthier than most people you know. I am more aware of my body, of the way various foods affect me. I know how to take care of myself. I am perfectly healthy and I can do anything that others can do. 


Anonymous said...

Well put! Great description!!;)

Something Different said...

is that YOU?? ;)

little sheep said...

i am SO printing this out SD!!

Anonymous said...

Yup! it's me;)

(i need to come up with a user name...)

Something Different said...

You really do. Please!! I am getting confused. Were any other comments from you?

Little sheep, thanks. A lot of thought went into that. Wait till I explain the difference between type 1 and type 2....

Zeeskeit said...

Wow! I have a friend with Type 1 and never REALLY understood it! I find that people with diabetes actually have a trait I admire: self-control/responsibility! No, you cannot eat anything without thinking! Yes, you are very responsible and aware of maintaining a healthy body!

Great blog SD! Keep it up! and by-the-way, you're not the only person out there obsessed with Gordon Korman books! =)

Something Different said...

thanks zeeskeit. I never decline a compliment. ;)
I don't know if I am more responsible, (LOL) but am pretty sure I have learned a lot from having type 1 diabetes. Self control is important. I don't think I mastered that. Like when I have high blood sugar and know I should really not eat that peice of cake but it looks SOO good. I am working on it.

I have to know. Is your friend single? How old is she? Sorry, it's my pessimistic side coming out..

EsPes said...

i think if u know someone with diabetes, then it doesnt scare u... like my friends father has it, and another friends brother... so i understand it and would totally go out with a guy that has diabetes.

ppl should be more educated!

Something Different said...

Espes, I think it depends a lot on how the PWD (person with diabetes) deals with it. If they go around complaining a lot then their aquaintences would most likely feel like diabetes is something terrible and they don't wanna go out with a diabetic. So I actually think the pressure is with us. Most people know someone with diabetes...question is-how do they handle it??