Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Use Your Brains!

Why don't people ever THINK?? It is so frustrating sometimes! Like today, I got the following text three times:

SPRINT FREE-MSG: All Sprint Customers send this message to ten people and sprint will credit your account $60.00* both billing or prepaid Happy Holiday!

Hello? Think about what you are writing.

a) This basically would mean that sprint is willing to give $60 to every customer they have. Which would mean sprint loosing millions of dollars. Why would they do that?
b) (This is the more important one) Do you really want sprint to know how many times you sent this message? Do you realize that would mean sprint knowing exactly which messages you sent to whom and what the context was? Think about that. If sprint really knew what all of our messages said, I would be the first one to block texting from my phone. Seriously. Hello?

Take these emails I get: 
"for every person you forward this to AOL will donate 5 cents to help cure my daughter" and all that other junk. Or what about: "Now forward this message and a really funny picture will pop up on your screen!" What is that insinuating? That this email will have the power to control my computer? Ooooh! That's a scary thought. I can just see why everyone would want to forward that...

Please, do me a favor. Next time you feel like an email you got was too good to be true, it probably was. And next time you think a text doesn't really make sense-it probably doesn't! Please! Use your brains! And if you are unsure, you can always check out snopes. They can help clarify things for you!


little sheep said...

i don't forward...and i usually delete the ones that come to me without really paying attention to it...

Something Different said...

Good for you-now if we could just get the rest of the world to follow suit..