Monday, December 29, 2008

Sometimes You Gotta Wait!

Shabbos Chanukah arrived,
My siblings-in they flew,
Brothers from Yeshivah,
And married siblings too.
My usually empty room,
Got a roommate for the night.
It was my quietest niece,
So I thought I'd be alright.
It was really really late,
2:30 to be precise,
When my niece woke me up screaming,
'Twas hard to be so nice!
But I knew she was hungry,
And needed to be fed,
So before her cries woke up the house,
I jumped up outta bed.
I tried to make a bottle,
But I'm really not the best,
I'd never made one in my life,
So I got put to the test,
I tried to find a bottle,
And I needed formula too!
But meanwhile my niece screamed,
Quite a tantrum she threw!
I wanted to take her into my arms,
And cuddle her real tight,
And say to her "shush little one
Everything will be alright!"
"I know you want that bottle,
I'm making it for you!
But it takes some time to make it
Taste just right for you!
I'm working as fast as I possibly can,
To put your troubles to an end
But please calm down meanwhile,
And to your cries I'll tend!"
And then I realized, as I finish,
That I do the very same thing,
I want health, happiness, a good job,
And of course, I want a ring!
I scream and cry, I beg and plead,
That Hashem should hurry and give,
All that I ask for, and then,
Happily ever after I'll live!
So Hashem takes me in his arms,
And hugs me really tight,
And he says "shush little one,
Everything will be alright"
"I know you want some of this,
And some of that sounds nice,
I'll give it all to you,
You don't have to ask twice!
But please exhibit patience,
Rome wasn't built in a day,
As soon as the time is right,
I'll send yeshuos your way.
So please calm down right now,
There's no need to scream and cry,
I can't give it to you today,
Soon you'll see the reason why,"
So for now, I must stay calm,
And recognize my place,
While this wait is something not so fun,
It's something I must face.
The good is there, it might just take,
A bit of time to prepare,
So I'll have to stop my crying,
I won't shed another tear!
My niece's bottle I prepare,
At the quickest possible pace,
So too, I feel content to know,
I'm in Hashem's embrace!


tembow said...


Something Different said...

Guys, please be easy on me! I really don't know how to write poems....
And the rest of my change/maturity things is coming soon...I promise!

Inspired said...

I recall this one from you;) I love the way you put it down. You really DO know how to write poems!!!!

(PS what's with you??)

Something Different said...


I told you this mashul? I don't recall.... My next post will look familiar too-lol! And thanks for the compliment... :)
Sorry- life is pretty hectic these days...i'll ttys...I know I keep promising but...sorry!

thinking... said...

I really like this mashal (or should I say...metaphor?!!)!

anon#1 said...

For not knowing how to write poems, you did a super job! Thanx so much for the inspiration!

Something Different said...

Thinking-thanks! Coming from you I'll take that as a compliment. ;)

Anon- thanks. I do have a complex aboutnmy poetry skills...I know I can write but this is the first poem I've felt confident enough to share... Maybe enough compliments will make me share more... LOL! :-D

halfshared said...

Great poem and great moral! Thanks for sharing.

little sheep said...

SD, for once and for all, will you STOP saying you don't know how to write poems?! that line is getting almost as old as the other one ;) tell me something new, k?

you know my opinion on this one, but just to put it out there...
i love it, love it, love it!

Something Different said...

HS-Thanks a lot!

LS-Well that one applies too...;) And it's great poetesss like you who make me feel like that....

Zeeskeit said...

Well put!

AmIaFrumFeminist said...

Very cute. I like the mashal and nimshal. I can really relate to having a niece screaming for a bottle too... And I love the cupcakes in the background!

Child Ish Behavior said...

great poem, i was almost convinced ;)
See god knows what we need

whether we cry out or not

We pray to Hashem day and night

whether we feel we need him or not.

Patients is a virtue

of the undeserving and penitent

If you know it something you deserve

you'll cry out till you get it.

Something Different said...

Zeeskeit- thanks. You guys are really making me feel better about putting my poems up there...

AFF- this was the FIRST and LAST time that I am allowing a child that I did not give birth to sleep in my room... :-D
Oh, about the cupcakes- they're in case of a high blood sugar... ;)

CIB- here's what I mean. Sure you gotta daven for things, but... Take my friend for example. She got married straight out of seminary to a boy who is a good bunch of years older than her. So when he started shiduchim and was crying and davening for a shiduch, his bashert was starting high school.... His wait was tough, but worth it in the end!

Child Ish Behavior said...

Who knows what's going on upstairs? All I know is that if your kid niece decided to wait for you to get up with out yelling, you probably would have been less enthusiastic to go get the bottle, extra incentive not to wake the whole house up, when davening, Hashem needs no such incentive. I sound like one of those boring poetry critics that mess up the writer's real meaning. lol. I have to go write something truly inspiring now, just so I don't turn into those boring critics.

Something Different said...

No, you misunderstood me. If she hadn't cried (or if we don't daven) it wouldn't happen. But, my niece crying the entire time I made her bottle didn't help it get made any faster. Do I make any sense now?