Sunday, December 7, 2008

MY kind of humor...

Ok, a little explanation about my new blog layout is in order. I found this way too funny. Here's why:

(Scene: school shabbos, in the middle of the afternoon)
Me: Hi! Would you like some chocolate?
Sadly Misinformed Classmate: What? Why are you eating that??
Me: Oh. (Blushes) Well I know it's milk chocolate but I know that the school food is really bad so I didn't even taste it. I am still milchigs. (smug)
SMC: Oh. I didn't even notice that, and anyway, I am milchigs too. I just meant that.... (embarrassed)
Me: That what? (I have a feeling I know exactly what she is trying to say but I am not about to make it any easier for her.) 
SMC: Well doesn't it have sugar?
Me: (enjoying this:-D) Yes, it does. So?
SMC: You can't have sugar!
Me: (taking a bite of chocolate, with mouth very full) Can't I?
SMC: But don't you 
Me: Yes. So?
SMC: So you can't have sugar!
Me: Yes I can! (takes another bite!) I can eat whatever I like!

Point is, people with diabetes not being able to eat any sugar is probably the biggest, and most annoying diabetes myth out there. If you read my post explaining what diabetes is all about then you know that whether something has sugar, or any other form of carbohydrates, it effects your blood sugar. I can eat sugar, just the same way I can eat cookies, rice cakes, fruit, challah, danishes, potatoes, rice, cakes, cookies and cupcakes. I wear in insulin pump which is connected to me at all times. If I want to eat anything with carbohydrates (sugar or otherwise), I push a few buttons on my pump and voila! I can eat it! Just like you! It's THAT simple! 
If you weren't sure until now whether or not I was crazy, here you go. This is SO my type of humor. There are probably people out there who think that my blood sugar will go high just by LOOKING at those cupcakes...It won't btw.
So if you have friends with diabetes, please realize that they can eat whatever they would like. Please also realize that they have a lot more experience taking care of people with diabetes than you do, and that they probably don't need your advice. For more info on what to say/not to say to people who have diabetes, you can watch this youtube video. Though it's meant for people who have diabetes, I think it can be interesting to others too. (I was going to link now to a page explaining the various myths regarding diabetes so I might have to write my own...even though I'm sure nobody wants to read

(By the way, sorry that I keep changing the looks of a BOSD. I just need to get it right...)


Inspired said...

I really enjoy your blog and I love your sense of humor;)

Your new background is cute - definitely clearer than the previous one. I'm afraid to look at it for too long though, my number might get

Something Different said...

Oh don't worry- they're SUGAR FREE cupcakes. :snort:

little sheep said...

i like it!! but are you sure they're sugar free? i mean, if i look at them, and wave to my relative with diabetes, won't he get a sugar high? ;) and btw, i didn't even know that FWD had a website-thanks! oh, and your new picture is cute too ;)

Something Different said...

Yes, they aren't just sugar free, they are also carb free. Which is a good thing cuz I am very high today... :( (coincidence?? Lol!)
How do you know about FWD?
About my picture-well, is my BEST FRIEND!! This is an awesome one, no?

Something Different said...

btw, did you ever get my emails?

little sheep said...

yes, i've been getting your emails. i haven't gotten a response to my last response though, so have you been getting mine? ;) i know about FWD cuz i have a relative with diabetes, remember?

Something Different said...

I thought my answer to the others answered my first question- does that make any sense? Email me if not.

It's funny, I didn't even think of that. I mean, people know I have diabetes, bit that's bout it. I don't discuss the specifics with them, and FWD is one of those specifics.
Can you tell me if this relative is married or single? (no I'm totally not obsessed...well, maybe a teeny