Friday, December 18, 2009

Five Months Late

I know it's been five months since I promised a story on my fiction blog, but I finally posted one!

The story behind it (and probably all future stories on that blog) is that I was driving, saw something, and started imagining the details of the lives of the involved parties.

The end result was this.


Rabbi Lars Shalom said...


f said...

Just want to say hi...
and let you know that I spent a full day of my Chanukah vacation reading your blog.
Which is really something special. (your blog, i mean.)
Anyway... a gut voch! and thanks!

Something Different said...

RLS- Erm?

F- so glad you liked! Hope you continue reading!

Mushkie said...

Yayayay! You should feel honored that I took time from my vacation to read this :)

funcuzzled said...

I definitely plan to!