Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top Ten Signs It's Chanukah

For this week's Top Ten Tuesday, we are going to explore some of the classic signs that it's Chanukah. Thanks to all of my friends who helped me with these.

10) You can easily tell which families on the block are Jewish and which aren't. Just check if their lights are inside the house or outside!

9) You offer your cleaning lady a homemade donuts and she declines, stammering in broken English that she has had more donuts in the past few days than she knows what to do with.

8) Lines from "Chanuka USA" are constantly running through your head.

7) Miraculously, nobody works late.

6) Family time! Oh, hey, let me just take this call, it's really important....

5) Those huge gallon-sized bottles of oil are constantly empty, no matter how many times you buy a new one.

4) You reach into your pocket for change for the parking meter, and all you pull up is a milk chocolate coin with "glicks" embossed on it.

3) Pimpled faces, grease mustache, and confectioner's sugar dusting on everyone's clothes.

2) The most yeshivish among us get to practice their gambling skills without anyone getting suspicious.

1) The kids never seem to be in school. It's a modern day chanuka miracle; the school gives vacation for a day and it stretches for eight!


stam[azoid] said...

don't forget walking into work and coworkers asking "did you fry latkes last night?" must be that faint (strong?) smell of fried oil permeating all of your clothes, hair, and coat!

itsagift said...

Great post! I like # 10 and # 1 best! For some reason, schools are giving more and more vacation each year...soon Chanukah will be a time to be off for a full week from school!

I don't get #8 - am I missing something?? What's Chanuka USA?

Something Different said...

Stam- LOL! My sister works in a non-Jewish doctor's office, and one of the patients called out to her- "Hey, MG! Why are you here! You should be at home frying your latkes!!"

IAG- Chanuka USA is a kids tape that tells the story of chanuka.

itsagift said...

SD - should I feel deprived of something that may have been crucial to my childhood education?! :-)

Something Different said...

IAG- Very much so. I really pity you now.

itsagift said...

I think I'm gonna run to the store and buy myself a Chanukah present - the much needed Chanukah USA tape! Then I wont feel deprived anymore...lol

SMB said...

Of course, some people DO light chanuka menorahs outside :-)

And a rebbe in a brooklyn yeshiva has commented, "and in honor of the yevanim winning, we'll be having vacation from learning for chanuka."

Something Different said...

IAG- Lol, or get it for SB

SMB- Yeah, someone pointed that out to me, but I guess you can tell from whether they are in a box at the door or draped around a tree... ;-)
And lol. Someone told me that theyre brother was going to take off on chanuka and go skiiing, but decided that he shouldn't, because that would mean the yivanim had won. :-)