Monday, December 28, 2009

Footprints In The Snow

(I wrote this poem when we had that big snowstorm. I wrote it in my head, standing watching the snow through the window. Didn't get a chance to post it 'till now, so here it is.)

My entire world is wrapped
In a blanket of snowy white.
Nose pressed to the frosty glass,
I am mesmerised by the sight.

Falling flakes illuminated,
By the soft glow of the moon,
and I am amazed all over again,
at the perfection in my cocoon.

The contrast is apparent
With a quick glimpse to my right
A slushy mess covers the road,
As the cars drive through the night.

But back inside my little world,
Perfection is all that you see,
A gorgeous blanket of clean white snow-
It's what's surrounding me.

Suddenly the stillness is shattered,
As a visitor breaks the spell,
Muddy footprints in place of perfection,
In which I wanted to dwell.

My world was just so clean and neat-
Now look what happened to it!
The shiny blanket of fresh snow,
Ruined when a stranger walked through it.

But looking at those dirty footprints,
That savagely wrecked my world,
I start to marvel at the simple truth,
That is now being unfurled.

A person's world is their cocoon,
To keep it fresh and new.
And they have to be wary of strangers,
That might come traipsing through.

Because once the footprints are there,
The damage can't be undone.
The muddy tracks still remain,
When the night makes way for sun.


itsagift said...

So many messages in this poem.
I'll start with one:
One someone tells you something, it stays in your mind forever. We should try to be careful with the things we say so we don't ruin someone else's "perfect little world" by saying things that may hurt them.

Another: Of course, we want our world to be perfectly white, without any muddy prints, but that is the way of the world. We can't live in our own little bubble of perfection, things happen, people may leave their imprint on our lives and it is up to us to decide how we want to deal with it. We can use the snow to build a snowman (beautify our lives) or an igloo (so you can protect yourself from outside influences) but at the end of the day, you cannot stay cooped up inside your house, you will need to "weather the storm" and face the challenges!

Didn't mean to get all serious here, but once I started thinking, it just came out this way and I figured I'd share these lessons with you! :-D

Never seen Snow said...

Wow....this makes me crave snow big time. (I've never seen it. Ever!!)

halfshared said...

Stunning poem, SD. I really liked it. The message is so true and you wrote it really well.

Something Different said...

IAG- Woah, such interpretations!

NSS- You poor thing.

HS- Glad you like, and thanks.