Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Find My Family Hilarious

Motzei Shabbos, we had some married siblings over, and they were staying due to snow. After all of the kids were in bed, we sat down to play a great game. I mentioned it once before in a post, but I figured that for this week's Top Ten Tuesday I would share the laughs with you. We had a great time, as you will see below.

A quick overview of Loaded Questions, for those unfamiliar: Each person takes a turn reading a question from a card, which everyone else answers. Another person reads all the answers, and the first person has to guess who wrote each answer. Although I have been doing some reviews on here, I get nothing for telling you about this awesome game, but I certainly enjoy it!

10) At some point during the game, everyone got fed up with everyone else's fiddling with various electronics, and so we voted unanimously to take everyone's cell phones, ipods, laptops, and any other gadgets and place them in the corner of the table, out of everyone's reach. The next question, "How can you make a million dollars right now?" had a brilliant answer from my brother. "I would sell all of the electronics on this table." Oh, the joys of the electronics age! (JSYK, MP wrote, "if I had a way I wouldn't be sitting here playing this dumb game")

9) MP wrote some awesome answers, and will probably be featured the most in this post, as she is the only other family member my readers "know." When asked "What is the biggest advantage of being tall?" MP's answered showed the direction of her entire life. "Good for shidduchim"

8) "If you had wallpaper with one person's face plastered over it, who's face would it be?" MP "would have pretty wallpaper, without anyone's face on it"

7) My brother's answer drew pity from the crowd. When asked "What is the worst place to be stuck waiting" he answered, "for the bathroom in yeshivah"

6) I am apparently the only one who really thinks long term. "What are you really glad not to be doing now" had some short term answers, I was the only one who was glad that I am not "burning in gihennom"

5) "What is the meanest thing you can say to somebody" (which, incidentally, is the question that sparked the above linked post) had an answer that could only come from someone who is currently in the child-rearing stage of life. "When are you due?"

4) My brother tricked someone. When the question was "What luxury would you like to enjoy just once?" We were all sure that "a shopping spree at neiman marcus" was MP's. Nobody had a hard time guessing that I wrote "an unlimited shopping spree in the apple store"

3) When the question was "Which three words come to mind when you hear the word black?" most of us thought of black people. MP wrote (don't laugh) "clothing, clothing, clothing." The funny thing is, my married brother, who's knowledge of fashion is restricted to his wife, said "well, it has to be her, because she only wears black." Yeah, wise guy. Her and the rest of the frum bais-yaakovy, MP types.

2) One of the questions, asked of course, by MP, was "In your opinion, who makes the most stylish clothes?" I answered, "not the people who make mine." And she didn't even get it right!

1) For anyone who thinks I am making up the Perfect aspect of MP, here is her unedited answer to "If your picture would be on the Most Wanted List, what crime would you have committed?" Sit down. Her answer: "Being too perfect." I kid you not.


Freeda said...

SD- this post gave me a good laugh- but I pity you if MP ever comes across this blog

MAK said...

Sounds like fun! good game if you know the other people you're playing with very well, not so much if you don't know them...though it should break the ice. Thanks for sharing :)

G6 said...

Sounds like a ton of fun!
#5 was of particular interest to me since my recent post had a discussion of whether or not a woman's due date is appropriate public conversation.
Apparently, I'm not the only one who finds it tasteless.

Something Different said...

Freeda- yes, I live in fear.

MAK- My pleasure. :-)

G6- The implication was to ask that when the person isn't even pregnant.

G6 said...

I understand....
The whole topic is tasteless for all these reasons.

Anonymous said...


itsagift said...

OMG! That was a funny one!
I'd love to play this game! Sounds soooo my family's type!
Reminds me of Balderdash which is pretty similar, except it goes with odd words which each person needs to define. You have to guess which definition is the real one! It's a blast!

BigChamor21 said...

How is being tall good for shidduchim??

Something Different said...

G6- You won't find an argument here!

Anon- You bet!

IAG- Yeah, we have that one, but this is better cuz it's personal...

BC21- Dunno. Ask her when you come for shabbos.

halfshared said...

Great game. I never heard of it before but my family played it on Friday night and it was a big hit. (We had to change it around a little cuz no writing but it still was a whole lot of fun!)
Thanks for the idea!