Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Daily Dose Of Ego-Booster: Big News for BOSD

My entire family, as well as most of my friends are in complete agreement. My ego needs no inflating. But apparently the promo guy from CSN Stores didn't know that when he emailed me.

I was with BigChamor when the email came through, and I'd bet my head started visibly swelling. How could it not, when I get such a glowing email from some random strangers, people who came across my blog when searching for good sites? They like the look and feel of my site? Niiiice.

After a bit of an exchange between myself and the kind folks over at, a site specializing in cookware sets, we decided I'd be doing an honest review of a product they'd send me, gratis.

I hurried over to, excited to pick my prize. Aside from cookware sets, which had been mentioned to me, I noticed that they also have all sorts of exciting kitchen gadgets, tools and other useful things. The website was easy to navigate, the prices seemed good, (though I must admit, I am far from an expert on prices of kitchen equipment) and the selection was enormous!

As far as the service, the speed, the delivery, I'll let you know how it goes when I receive my new toy. Until then, head over to the site and see for yourself what it's like!


BigChamor21 said...

you bet your head swelled! maybe you can let me know which set of pots and pans is good??

G6 said...

I cook my brains out all week, love every minute of it, blog about it, and nobody offers ME to do product reviews.
Just call me GG6 this week (Green G6, that is....).
In all seriousness. Major congrats and enjoy the cookware.

itsagift said...

Woah! That is soo cool!!

I hope you are getting commission on this! You should make $ for anyone who clicks on their link from your blog - you definitely deserve it!!

I love those pots - are you gonna get them in orange? Cuz it's so much fun to accessorize (is that a word? lol) your kitchen and have everything all colorful!

Which product are they sending you?

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

I see these keyword links popping - nothing bad just don't overdo it..

And send tell that guy to contact G6 too :)

G6 said...

Oh you've got it Dude!
Me, me!!
Pick me!!!
I want to do product reviews of cooking utensils too!!!!!

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

SD - write a review post about G6 giving her good keywords in the links and saying that she can write good reviews too!

ps. remember what we spoke about before Chaggim?

Something Different said...

BC21- LOL!! Miracles I tell you, miracles.

G6- You would be even more jealous if you knew what I was getting. :-D Try emailing the dudes at CSN stores...

BTS- I'll try not to. Thanks for the warning.

Something Different said...

IAG- Sorry, I missed you! No, I don't get a commision. I get a free product to review, which is cool. Specially cuz they let me chose the product myself. :-D

itsagift said...

Oh cool - which product d'u get? Or do we have to wait till you write the review to hear all about it?