Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Top Ten Signs A Store Is Out Of Your Price Range

SD went shopping yesterday. The most monumental thing that happened to her is that she discovered she has very expensive taste. And that she speaks in third person about herself.
Anyhow, since it is Tuesday, this weeks Top Ten is for those who can't spot the expensive stores (such as myself) here are some clues, some ways to know that you've stepped out of the World of Retail and into the World of Overpriced Cult Followers

10) Everything in the store is covered in some ugly logo, and the bigger the logo the more digits the price tag has.

9) You wonder if the decimal point on the price got lost along the way.

8) You pick up the bag for closer inspection, and discover that it's attached to the display table with a complicated security cord mechanism.

7) There are only three items in the whole store. And four salespeople.

6) You wonder if a second mortgage on the house will earn you the pair of boots you're eyeing.

5) As soon as you walk in to the store, a salesperson and two security guards latch on to you, asking if you are SURE you don't need help.

4) There are no price tags in sight.

3) So you ask for the price and the saleslady just gives you a LOOK.

2) Ordinary safety tags make way for complicated electronic tracking devices...and they are attached to every pair of socks

1) You can't pronounce the name of the store.


itsagift said...

#8 and #2 seem the same to me!

I have one question on #3 and #4 - isn't there a place to do your own price check? Or they don't have such things in these high-class stores?!

I don't shop in places like these, I know where I like to shop and I stick to those stores...when I even have time to go shopping...

Though I do sometimes wonder, do people actually buy these things??

And then there's my joke that these people spend more money on their bags/pocketbooks than the amount of money they keep in there!

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Lol! I liked number 5 about security!

Ariella said...

great post. I'm going to link to it.

BigChamor21 said...

are you sure you are a girl?? how can you not like jewelry?

BigChamor21 said...

sorry my comment belongs by the previous post

Ariella said...

You should know that after I linked to this post, my husband told me he read it and your other posts. He appreciates your sense of humor. Keep up the good work!

Mushkie said...

Sounds waaay too familiar :)

I was looking for a dress for my brother's bar mitzvah, after finding nothing below $600 in the first 3 shops, I walked into the 4th one and spotted something that seemed to say 'only' $100! Excited, I looked closer...the belt of the dress was $100.

MS said...

I never did understand people who spent twice as much on one pair of socks as I do on three...

#10: I am of the firm belief that they should be paying me to be a human billboard/sandwich board wearer.

Great post! :)

MAK said...

Heh, I'd like to add. THere are more salespeople in the store then customers! I have a very expensive mall near me (which is also a tourist trap) and you don't go into the stores with few customers...bec those are undoubtedly out of your price range!

Something Different said...

IAG- Yeah, I don't get the pocketbook thing. Nobody is gonna convince me that for 3,000 dollars you get 2,950 dollars more quality than my 50 dollar bag. Er, 20, it was on sale.

BTS- Has it happened to you also? Lol, it is a really un-swell experience.

Ariella- Thanks so much! And cool about your husband! I love hearing when people read my blog, I sometimes forget that there are quiet readers that I don't know about... And Please come back!

BC21- I figured that's what you meant. Was it the twins' fault?

Mushkie- Omg! LOL!!! That's an awesome story!

MS- Yes, I quite agree. No free advertising here!

MAK- Yeah, that's really true. These stores are so over-staffed, no wonder they have to charge triple the other stores! ;-)

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

SD - don't recall but it is funny just to imagine that...

just me said...

my dad always says "if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it."

halfshared said...

I've never even found my way to one of these stores. I'm not a window-shopper. If I know I can't afford it in advance, I don't even want to see and desire it.